Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Southeast Imaging Disaster Recovery is the perfect solution for hospitals, clinics and offices, and provides peace of mind in knowing that medical data is safely locked away in a protected environment.

Southeast Imaging Disaster Recovery provides a secure VPN tunnel from your location to our data vault, which is situated on the backbone of Level 3’s infrastructure in downtown Little Rock. It is protected with redundant clean power, state-of-the-art waterless fire suppression technology and many years of hands-on experience in secure data maintenance and management.

Our Disaster Recovery clients are confident in Southeast Imaging’s capabilities in storing and backing-up images and critical data. They also have peace of mind in knowing that our team has the extensive industry knowledge needed to get systems back up and running in the event of a disaster or other interruption.

Southeast Imaging is equipped to provide varying levels of support – ranging from a simple data delivery to a full-on system rebuild – based upon system criticality and IT support relationship.

For more information about Disaster Recovery solutions, please contact the Southeast Imaging team today.

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